Insurance & Terms

DRIVERS LICENCES    All British drivers need to hold a full current driving licence. Foreign licence holders must be in possession of a national and where required, an international driving licence. Restrictions may apply to some licence holders. Please e-mail us at or call one of our offices for further information if you have a specific question for us.

LICENCE CATEGORIES   The following explains the types of vehicle that can be driven depending upon the categories listed on the driver’s licence.

  • Category B - Cars, 4x4s, People Carriers & Minibuses with no more than 9 seats including the driver.
  • Category D1 - Minibuses with no more than 16 passenger seats.

ENDORSEMENTS In most cases, we can accept speeding, parking, construction & use, insurance and some other offences, providing your points total is no more than six over a period of 3 years – this is also dependent upon age. Should you have more than six points, it is quite possible that we will be able to arrange alternative insurance cover at an additional premium and higher accidental damage excess. Please e-mail us at providing details of any offences, your date of birth, occupation and contact telephone number and we will provide a quotation.

AGE REQUIREMENTS The following explains the types of vehicles and required age of the driver when using Posh's insurance cover.

  • Cars- Over 25 with licence held for 2 years or over.
  • People Carriers, Minibuses and 4x4 Vehicles - Over 25 with licence held for 5 years or over.

INSURANCE All our vehicles are covered on the public highway by Posh's insurance cover. Should you wish to cover the hired vehicle with your own comprehensive insurance cover, a 10% discount will be given.

COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) reduces your damage liability in the event of a motor accident and is included in our rates. In most cases your damage liability will be reduced to £300 (cars ) and £1000 (minibuses) & £1500 (4x4s). This figure can alter depending on the type of vehicle hired, endorsements, previous accidents and driving experience. Collision Damage Waiver will not cover you for:-

  • Windscreens, glass and tyre damage.
  • Interior damage eg. cigarette burns
  • Roof or overhead damage above the height of the windscreen
  • Damage caused to the vehicle when not on the public highway.
  • Theft of the vehicle due to loss of keys.
  • Damage or theft caused by the negligence of the hirer
  • Damage caused by racing or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Vandalism

EXCESS PROTECTION WAIVER Excess Protection Waiver (EPW) reduces your excess contribution in the event of a motor accident and fully protects you against damage to tyre treads, wheel rims, windscreens and light lenses. Your excess will be reduced from £500 to £100 (cars ) and £1000 to £500 (minibuses) & £1000 (4x4s). EPW does not fully cover you for Overhead Damage above windscreen height but it does limit your Overhead Damage Liability to £500.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Full terms and conditions are printed on the reverse side of each rental agreement. All hirers are asked to read these carefully.

IDENTIFICATION Hirers are required to supply additional identification when hiring a vehicle. We require 2 additional forms of ID, made up of address identity and personal identity. Acceptable forms would be utility bills (no more than 3 months old), a credit card statement, a council tax bill etc.

V.A.T. V.A.T. Will be charged at current rates on rental, fuel, waivers, delivery and collection charges.

PAYMENT The cost of the rental and any fuel is required at the commencement of hire. Payment can be made by Debit Card, Mastercard, Visa, Amex or Diners cards. Amex and Diners attract a surcharge of 5%.

DEPOSIT Hirers paying by cash or cheque (with guarantee card), by Debit Card or Pre-paid Credit Card are required to pay the appropriate deposit for the type of vehicle hired on collection. Hirers paying by Credit or Charge card will have their account pre-authorised.

LATE RETURN OF VEHICLELate returns will be charged at an hourly rate (one sixth of the daily rate) plus collision damage waiver and excess protection waiver at daily rates.

AVAILABILITY Whilst every effort will be made to supply the model requested, in the event of it being unavailable, an alternative model will be provided.

TRAVELLING OVERSEAS Vehicles may be taken out of mainland England, Wales or Scotland, provided this has been agreed beforehand and in these cases there will be a surcharge. We will arrange green card insurance at an additional charge. We will also arrange for our vehicle to be covered by AA 5 star cover or similar and Bail Bond if appropriate. LOADING THE VEHICLE The hirer is responsible for not exceeding the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the vehicle.

EXTENDING THE RENTAL The facility is available providing we are informed prior to the expiry of the agreed rental period (as shown on the rental agreement) and the required additional payment is made so that the insurance cover may be extended.

RETURNING THE VEHICLE Vehicles must be returned to the office from which they were rented. There are facilities for returning vehicles after normal business hours.

TOWING A supplementary charge applies for tow bars fitted to 4x4 vehicles. Permission must be obtained from Posh before towing a trailer. Please also check with us to ensure the vehicle hired is appropriate for the weight being towed and that you hold the correct licence category.